The perks

Classic cars are a very effective hedge against inflation and produce very interesting returns compared with the global consumer price indices

The classic car market provides value arbitrage opportunities to those with superior insider knowledge and access to investment opportunities

Classic car investments have a low correlation to traditional investment markets such as equities and fixed incomes, thereby providing an important means to diversify an investment portfolio

"The beauty of diversification is it's about as close as you can get to a free lunch in investing."

James May - Top Gear UK

How it works

Get your profit

Classic cars are a stable and growing asset class. During the financial crisis, high net worth individuals turned to tangible assets in response to market crashes.

In light of car's longevity in terms of value preservation and appreciation, these individuals increased their investment allocation in order to hedge the risk inherent in traditional investments such as bonds and equities.

Changes in the distribution of wealth around the world are also contributing to the growth of the classic car market, as the wealth of the world's high net worth population is growing much faster than global wealth.

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The next available car is a Porsche 911 (930) from 1989 in concours condition